Press Release
July 6, 2016


Senator JV Ejercito wants to reform the country's transportation sector by initially granting President Rodrigo Duterte special powers for two years through the Transportation Crisis Act of 2016, a measure which shall enable the president to prescribe urgent measures necessary to address the worsening land and air traffic, to develop a modernized and integrated railway system, and to improve air transportation system and infrastructure.

Sen. Ejercito, a longtime modern transport and railway advocate, explained that this Presidential special powers shall include the utilization of necessary government resources, and exercising or employment of executive actions and measures to address the transportation and traffic crisis.

"To aid President Duterte in addressing the transportation and traffic crisis, I suggest that he designate and appoint a Transport Manager. This person may concurrently be the Secretary of the Department of Transportation or his designated representative," the solon today said.

He proposed that the Transport Manager should be given the power to override the Metro Manila Development Authority, Metro Manila Council, LGU Traffic, and related ordinances, permits, and licenses, among others.

"The transport manager, however, should also periodically coordinate with LGU executives and their officials, and the private sector on the traffic execution and transport plans, programs, and measures. He should also enlist and deputize the traffic enforcement units of MMDA, LGUs, Highway Patrol Group of the PNP, and other agencies."

In the long run, Ejercito noted that the Transportation Crisis Act will reform the country's transportation sector through a comprehensive roadmap which shall reform national public transportation into an efficient, sustainable, safe, clean and integrated air, land, and sea mass transportation system.

"I am also looking into creating a Single Traffic Violation Ticketing System to be implemented by all traffic enforcement units nationwide, and for the Official Development Assistance (ODA) to be our preferred source of funds for all related projects. The end goal also is to provide a modern integrated transportation system that is affordable, efficient, safe and accessible to all," he said.

Citing urgency in addressing the transportation problem, Ejercito sought for this measure to take effect immediately upon its passage into law.

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