Press Release
May 28, 2016

Bam: 'People's Campaign' carries VP Leni to win

We ran a humble, heartfelt, efficient and well-organized campaign. It was an authentic campaign with a candidate that continuously converted votes as people got to know her better.

Leni inspired each of the campaign workers and volunteers to be better, to work harder and to be genuine to her mission of caring for the last, the least and the lost in our society, the laylayan that is so dear to her and to her late husband, Jesse.

We ran a true people's campaign that though diverse and multi-faceted, marched in unison towards clear and set periodic objectives that eventually would end up in victory.

The campaign is done, but the journey for Leni and those that support her, is just beginning. Hopefully the indomitable optimism and hope that permeated her campaign will continue and flourish through her governance.

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