Press Release
May 23, 2016

Transcript of Ambush Interview with Senate President Franklin M. Drilon

Q: On the convening of the National Board of Canvassers

SPFMD: Unang una we will pass the resolution which will convene the Senate and the House as the National Board of Canvassers (NBOC). Tomorrow the House and the Senate will have a joint session, where we will adopt the rules on the canvass of the president and vice president.

Q: Ano po ang scenario? Hapon po ba ang joint session?

SPFMD: Yes hapon. Hapon ang joint session. I have directed that the ballot boxes be now brought to the House of Representatives, to the Batasan.

Q: Yung rules on canvassing, prepared na o ididiscuss pa?

SPFMD: It will be the joint session who will approve it.

Q: Kaya na po ba iyan ng isang araw? Sabi po ni Rep. Boyet Gonzales dati po ilang araw inaabot ang administrative rules

SPFMD: We'll try to finish it as soon as we can. This is a deliberative body so hindi mo alam kung kailan matatapos, but we will try to finish it soon. Our assurance is sisikapin namin ng matapos sa lalong madaling panahon yung rules tungkol sa halalan.

Q: Nakapili na po ba kayo ng members ng canvassing committee?

SPFMD: Yes, there are already suggestions, but we have not yet elected them because that will be premature dahil yung pag-position, kung ilan, would still be in the rules.

Q: Sa canvassing sa Wednesday, ano po yan umaga ang start?

SPFMD: I could not vie for the canvassing committee, but the ideal is they hold session as frequently as they can. We will try to finish the canvassing as soon as possible.

Q: Meron na po bang clear consensus kung sino ang mga tatakbo for the Senate presidency?

SPFMD: My first concern is to canvass the votes for president and vice president.

Q: Kayo po ba are you seeking the support of others?

SPFMD: My work for today and the next several days is to try to have the canvass.

Q: Don't you feel threatened of the posturing na?

SPFMD: I don't. The posturing is a natural episode once a new Congress comes.

Q: Sa case niyo sir, you don't have to get 13 votes ano, since you are the incumbent?

SPFMD: That's correct. Anyone who wants to unseat me would have to get the gift from 13 senators.

Q: So hihintayin niyo na lang po yung magiging kalaban niyo?

SPFMD: I have to work on the canvassing starting tomorrow.

Q: Sa canvassing, what if hindi equal yung electronically transmitted at manually transmitted na vote?

SPFMD: I don't want to pre-empt. There are rules on that. I would like to emphasize this: we cannot look beyond the face of the certificates of canvass.

Q: It is possible for a candidate to join the canvassing committee?

SPFMD: It is not ethical and you will have a conflict of interest if you are a candidate and you sit in the canvass. That cannot be, that cannot be proper. For example, Senator Alan Peter Cayetano can't sit in the canvass as well as Senators Grace, Chiz.

Q: Kahit nag-concede?

SPFMD: Oh yeah, kahit nagconcede. For example, si Senator Nancy I think would have to take a good look at the situation because he is the daughter of VP Binay. It depends on them, but then we consider the circumstance.

Q: On the number of members of the canvassing committee

SPFMD: I don't want to preempt what will be in the rules. The number of committee members will be in the rules that we will adopt tomorrow.

Q: Ano po ang responsibility dito ng Comelec?

SPFMD: The Comelec has no responsibility here since it is the responsibility of both houses as the National Board of Canvassers to proclaim the president and vice-president.

Q: Ano po ang reaction niyo sa mga member ng LP sa House who will join PDP-Laban? Ano po ang last count ninyo?

SPFMD: Fine. Hindi ako nagbibilang. Ang binibilang ko dito sa Senate, there are six LPs (Liberal Party members).

Q: Nagulat pa po ba kayo doon sa nangyayari sa House?

SPFMD: Hindi ako nagugulat dahilan sa by our history. Our political history will teach us that indeed the President's choice in the House is given respect. Sa Senado, the Senate has maintained its independence. The Senate is independent.

Q: On the LP members of the House

SPFMD: In the House, that has happened in the past. I am generally informed that the House LPs will not leave the party but would seek an alliance.

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