Press Release
May 4, 2016


As an advocate of a clean campaign and an honest and credible electoral process, Sen. Francis "Chiz" Escudero threw his full support behind the church-led covenant for Truthful, Responsible, Upright, Transparent and Honest (TRUTH) elections.

Escudero signed the covenant, which was initiated by the Archdiocese of Manila, at the Radyo Veritas chapel in Quezon City on Wednesday afternoon, just hours after his presidential running mate Sen. Grace made the same commitment to protect the sanctity of the democratic process.

A conflict in his schedule prevented Escudero from attending the launch of the TRUTH covenant on May 2 at the Manila Cathedral.

The independent vice-presidential said it is important for the country to have a clean campaign and a credible electoral process to ensure unity among Filipinos after a divisive election season.

Escudero said with the country leaning towards having a minority president and vice president based on pre-election surveys, the biggest challenge for the country's next leaders will be to unite Filipinos after the May 9 elections.

"We mounted a clean campaign because we know that negative campaigning will only lead to disunity among our countrymen," Escudero said.

"The biggest challenge for our next leaders will be to unite the country after the heated electoral process. So it is important for Filipinos to rally behind the poll winners whoever they will be," he added.

Despite being the constant target of black propaganda, Poe and Escudero have shunned negative campaigning and instead focused on delivering their message of rapid and inclusive growth, poverty alleviation, good governance and global competitiveness.

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