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May 3, 2016

Cayetano warmly welcomed in Cabanatuan and San Fernando, presses with campaign vs. crime and drugs

With six days to go before the elections, vice presidential candidate and Senate Majority leader Alan Peter Cayetano went to Nueva Ecija and Pampanga today to make a final push for his campaign.

Despite the series of allegations hurled against his running mate, leading presidential candidate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo "Rody" Duterte, Cayetano was warmly welcomed by supporters as his campaign made its way through the said areas.

Speaking before transport workers in San Fernando as part of his "Ronda Serye" listening tour, the vice presidential contender said that only through political will and strong leadership can the country suppress the problems of crime and illegal drug trafficking.

Cayetano reiterated their tandem's vow to declare a 24/7 war against crime and illegal drugs. He said that he and Duterte plan to do this by mobilizing the military to help the police force and exercise the extraordinary powers of the Executive to drastically bring down the country's national crime rate.

Cayetano also pledged to fire and jail all corrupt elements in the police force and increase the salaries and benefits of all honest police personnel.

The senator also said that their tandem will push for measures to modernize the crime-fighting and solving capabilities of the Philippine National Police (PNP) such as: 1) A modern crime response center similar to Davao City's Integrated Emergency Response System 911 that works and brings help within minutes, 2) More CCTVs (with facial recognition software) in strategic locations and thoroughfares, 3) Body-worn cameras for police personnel to record their interactions with the public and gather video evidence at crime scenes, and 4) Modern crime laboratory services to make match ballistics information and crime reconstruction to solve crimes more efficiently.

Since the start of the national campaign in February, the mammoth number of supporters the Duterte-Cayetano tandem draws to their rallies, motorcades and listening tours keeps growing. The duo's campaign team said that more and more people are coalescing around the choice of Duterte-Cayetano, the only tandem they said could end the disorder in the country and bring real change.

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