Press Release
May 3, 2016


Senator Sonny Angara has lauded the signing of the Philippine Green Jobs Act which grants incentives to companies generating "green jobs" or jobs that contribute substantially to the preservation and restoration of the environment and natural resources.

"I thank our President and our colleagues in both houses of Congress for supporting the passage of this vital legislation that addresses both employment and environmental issues of the country. Sa pagpasa ng batas na ito, napangangalagaan na natin ang ating kalikasan, makatutulong pa ito sa pagbibigay ng disenteng trabaho sa ating mga kababayan," said Angara, acting chairman of the Senate labor committee and the sponsor of the said measure.

Under Republic Act 10771, green jobs specifically refer to jobs that help "protect ecosystems and biodiversity; reduce energy, materials and water consumption through high-efficiency strategies; de-carbonize the economy; and minimize or altogether avoid generation of all forms of waste and pollution."

It covers industries that hire professionals including solar PV system designers and installers, engineers and technicians of turbines; energy- and resource-efficiency consultants; sanitation and waste management experts; biodiversity and ecology fieldworkers; forest guards; river clean-up crew; organic farmers and recycling plant workers, among others.

The lawmaker cited a study by the International Renewable Energy Agency which showed that in some countries, especially in Asia, green jobs already account for significant portions of the workforce--totalling to 7.7 million green jobs worldwide in 2014.

"Green jobs are the future of the world of work. Eventually, green economies will be the norm. A green jobs boom could happen here in the Philippines. We might as well start the transition now," he said.

Among the incentives business enterprises may enjoy under the recently enacted Green Jobs law include a special deduction from the taxable income equivalent to 50 percent of the total expenses for skills training and research development expenses, and tax and duty free importation of capital equipment.

RA 10771 also states that green jobs must be decent jobs that respect the rights of workers, pay fair and adequate wages, provide safe working conditions and social protection for families, and promote social dialogue and workers' right to organize.

"This law incentivizes employment opportunities in 'green' and eco-friendly industries. More importantly, a green job must be kind not only to the environment, but to the workers as well," Angara added.

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