Press Release
April 18, 2016

Villar: Intensify info drive to inform indigents about Philhealth benefits

Senator Cynthia Villar called on the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation to intensify its efforts and reach out to indigent members so that they can benefit from free medical services.

Villar made this statement during the Information and Education Awareness Campaign on Philhealth Programs and Benefit Availment program at Villar SIPAG, Pulang Lupa 1, Las Pinas City.

While Philhealth is there to take care of our health by providing us medical assistance, Villar said many Filipinos, especially the indigents are not aware of Philhealth and the benefits they can get from it.

"Filipinos should be covered by Philhealth, but only a few know about the services being offered by Philhealth," said Villar, adding that Filipinos should be educated on how to access them.

"We must also ensure they are aware of their benefits and entitlement from Philhealth. We must ensure also that country's universal health care system can reach all intended beneficiaries," she added.

The senator believes the information drive about Philhealth should be intensified and the people should be abreast on the updates of its services like additional health packages.

During the program, Villar also spoke on the significant role Philhealth, the country's biggest state insurance, plays in the lives of the Filipino people.

The activity is in line with Philhealth's Universal Health program-- 'ALAGA Ka'-- Alamin at Gamitin Kalusugang Benepisyong Philhealth Program.

"We must guarantee that the poor are not burdened with high cost of hospital care as they can seek treatment in public health care facilities," Villar added.

The activity, attended by about 1,000 participants, provided information on the benefits of Philhealth.

Also present were medical doctors, barangay health and barangay nurses who are at the forefront of giving medical help to our people. Senior citizens, persons with disabilities, and barangay leaders and officials were also present.

Villar noted that RA 10645 or the Expanded Senior Citizens Act amended RA 9994 and expanded and made automatic PhilHealth benefits to all senior citizens especially and including indigent or poor senior citizens who were incapable of paying the monthly contribution to PhilHealth to become members.

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