Press Release
April 14, 2016

Villar cites importance of partnership in service

Senator Cynthia A. Villar underscores the importance of collaborating efforts of the government and private sectors to ensure success of all programs before, during and after any disasters.

During the Philippine Red Cross - Las Pinas City Subchapter Thanksgiving & Recognition of Partners in Service, Villar said "it may be a cliché, but truly, there is strength in numbers and we can accomplish more when we do things together."

"We can help more people if we are to pool our efforts and resources--even in the donation of time, blood, talent or money. It does not matter also how big or small. If we put them altogether, it can still create a positive impact in the life of someone... someone in need," explained the senator.

She said more and more people are needing help. There are many cases of emergencies due to various calamities occurring in different parts of the country and the world.

"And we should always be ready to help. As what was being said - we have two hands--one for helping ourselves and one for helping others," said Villar.

She said the regular earthquake and fire drills being conducted for students and employees are helpful to prepare them for any eventuality.

"And we at the Philippine Red Cross - Las Pinas City Subchapter have not been left behind in responding to various emergencies," she said.

She noted that their programs on disaster relief, disaster risk reduction trainings, safety trainings on first aid and basic life support, blood-letting programs, and many other social, health and community services are consistently implemented.

"None of it would be possible and successful without our partners' continued help and support," said Villar.

"And we know this thanksgiving event is not enough to show our genuine appreciation, but we also know that you are the kind of people and organizations that do not seek recognition or accolade, but are contented that you made a positive difference in the life of a fellow human being," she added.

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