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April 1, 2016

Cayetano goes to Pampanga, vows to create economic zones, rid gov't of corrupt public officials

Senate Majority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano said that ordinary Filipino workers, especially those living outside Metro Manila, can expect better working conditions under the Duterte-Cayetano leadership.

He made this assurance before factory workers in their "Ronda-Serye" listening tour in Angeles, Pampanga where the senator presented their tandem's "bold solutions" to improve the lives of the working people.

Cayetano said that if he and Duterte are elected, they will put up more economic zones in the regions to create more jobs in the countryside. "Establishing economic zones and attracting investors are part of our platform. But unlike in the past, we will not allow them to deprive our workers of their right to more secure working conditions," the senator said.

Duterte and Cayetano also ensured regular jobs for Filipinos by phasing out contractualization and pushing to augment the compensation packages and non-wage benefits of workers.

Meanwhile, Cayetano expressed his intention to reform the country's tax system. The senator proposed to spare individuals earning P25,000 or less per month from paying income taxes. He lamented that regular wage earners often find it difficult to make ends meet because taxes eat too much of their salaries.

However, the senator said these will only be possible if corrupt officials are removed from public office.

The senator said that corruption in the government deprives people of the necessary social services, programs and benefits that they truly deserve. The senator said that 30% of the government's annual budget is lost to corruption.

"Ending the country's disorder brought by corruption is what's at stake in this election. Corruption has already been a way of life. If Mayor and I are elected, we will put a stop to this social ill. By exercising political will, we will remove all the corrupt in the government," Cayetano said.

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