Press Release
February 21, 2016

Cayetano visits Cagayan de Oro, talks to victims of Typhoon Sendong

Vice presidential candidate and Senate Majority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano went to Cagayan De Oro today and met with victims of typhoon Sendong.

Cayetano pledged to provide additional livelihood and the creation of Emergency Response Department (ERD).

Typhoons and other disasters are forms of disorder themselves," said Cayetano. "We are pushing for a simplified, streamlined, and autonomous agency that will be solely responsible for responding effectively to these."

Cayetano also lamented the apparent lack of government support in helping typhoon victims cope with the severe damages brought about by disasters.

In response to yet another form of disorder, Cayetano intends to introduce a system that will make borrowing capital for small businesses, similar to his Presyo, Tranaho, Kita (PTK). He believes that alternative livelihood will not only help Filipinos get back on their feet, but also help alleviate the glaring problems they encounter on a daily basis.

"It all starts with political will, which the mayor and I have," added Cayetano. "Through our bold solutions and swift action, we will put an end to this disorder and the daily struggles of the people."

Typhoon Sendong killed 1,268 people when it tore through Northern Mindanao. Over half of the dead, 674 people according to the latest official count, were from Cagayan de Oro, and more than a third of the city's population was affected, as the storm wiped out entire riverside villages.

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