Press Release
February 4, 2016


The SubCommittee Report is founded on transcripts of records and documents submitted to the body; testimonies and dossiers from government agencies including DOTC, DOJ, NEDA, LTFRB; private sector, stakeholders and transport advocates; people's organizations, labor groups, student communities and private citizens like Dinna Dayao.

The SubCommittee utilized all available data. All factors are considered from books to studies and reports, including observing demeanors and resource persons' latitude of knowledge on a given mandate, responsibility and issue.

In the case of Secretary Abaya, the transcript, the documents submitted, his reply to questions and actions during the hearings, his excuses to be absent, demeanor and knowledge of the workings of his Department, and the totality of his actions on transport issues and MRT3, indicate badges of negligence and failure.

It does not take an expert to analyze the failures of management. Just ask the passengers who line up for hours and experience the stalling trains, the out-of-order elevators and escalators, the broken aircon units, among others.

Hindi lamang boses ng mga namumuno ang aming dininig, ngunit higit sa lahat, binigyan namin ng pansin ang hinaing at kahirapang dinaranas ng ating mga mananakay.

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