Press Release
January 18, 2016

Transcript of Interview of Senate President Franklin M. Drilon

Q: On Congress overriding President's veto of SSS pension

SPFMD: Under Section 27, Article 6 of the Constitution and under the rules of the Senate, the override must be initiated by the chamber where the bill originated. And in this particular case, it is the House where this bill originated. Therefore, any move to override must start from the House and we cannot act on it until the House would take action. The SSS pension bill originated from the House of Representatives and, therefore, the initiative to override the bill, which requires two-thirds votes, must come from the House. On the basis of the present number of the House, I would estimate that will be about 190.

Q: Yung SSL IV hindi raw priority?

SPFMD: We will pass it on third reading today.

Q: Pwede bang executive na lang iyon, through an executive action, since nine days na lang ang session?

SPFMD: Under the present charter of the Social Security system, the Social Security Commission can propose an increase in the pension benefits and that will be submitted to the President for approval. in response to your question, yes, there is a possible executive action if the compromise is agreed upon. '

Q: Sir, yung SSL IV, unfair daw po para sa mga maliliit na manggagawa sabi ng COURAGE.

SPFMD: We will approve it on third reading here with the indexation.

Q: Mababa lang daw yung sa mga maliliit na empleyado pero yung doon daw sa mga executives, malaki.

SPFMD: That is a matter that you know, we believe that the SSL IV is fair and will cost the government P57 billion on year 1 alone.

Q: On the SSS pension increase, were you able to have discussions with Speaker Sonny Belmonte on how to go about with the pensions?


Q: But on the rules of the Senate, pagkatapos ng House?

SPFMD: Yes that's correct. That's when we can take up whatever proposed over-riding.

Q: With only 9 days left?

SPFMD:: Firstly, let the House act on it.

Q: Yung sinasabi niyong additional SSS benefits, it doesn't have to be across the board?

SPFMD: The Social Security Commission has enough leeway to act or to work on it. Under the charter, they are authorized to increase the benefits and the same will be effective upon the approval of the President.

Q: So possible yung P1000 na increase?

SPFMD: I do not know. I would rather leave that, I am just talking here about the procedures.

Q: Are you enjoining the SSS?

SPFMD: Well I am asking, there are remedies under the law, and that remedy is available to the Social Security Commission. I would suggest that they take a good look at this remedy available.

Q: Wala pong concern ang administration, ang Liberal Party na makaapekto ito sa halalan?

SPFMD: There is none. The President's action was to save the fund for 31 million members who will be affected in case of a collapse of the system in 10 years.

Q: Magbabacklash daw kay Mar ito.

SPFMD: I have already answered that question.

Q: Sa Mamasapano probe, Secretary Coloma said that they will be asking for advance questionnaires.

SPFMD: This is a committee hearing, the advance written questions will be available during the question hour. This is not the question hour.

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