Press Release
January 14, 2016

Press Statement of Senate President Pro-Tempore Ralph G. Recto

I suggest the President take executive action. The SSS law allows him to do so. For the sake of the pensioners, it should not be a choice between meron o wala. There should be a compromise amount which can be effected through executive action.

If the President finds the P2,000 per pensioner too high, then my unsolicited advice to him is to recommend an amount which he thinks is suitable, and supportable by SSS finances; then convey this to the SSS Board--whose members are his appointees--for possible implementation.

If P2,000 is too expensive, Pnoy may consider P1,000 per pensioner. That's only half. SSS income is enough for half.

This increase can be enforced by an SSS Board resolution. Raising pension is not just via the legislative route. It can also be done by the President exerting influence on the SSS. Congress only stepped in with this measure because SSS froze pension amelioration measures.

It's about time we increase pensions of SSS pensioners. Congress may override the President's veto but it will be difficult to get a two-thirds vote.

I also am author of SSS increase in the Senate, filed in July of 2013.

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