Press Release
January 11, 2016


Senator Teofisto "TG" Guingona III may be a true-blooded son of Mindanao but his affinity for people from the mountains extends to the highlands of Cordillera. According to the lawmaker from Bukidnon, his hometown and Cordillera are linked in more ways than one.

"In Tagalog, 'bukid' means the plains but in Bisaya, which is the language spoken in Mindanao, 'bukid' means the mountains; and on behalf of the people of Bukidnon, I would like to thank the indigenous peoples (IPs) of Cordillera, many of whom have settled in our southern province, for teaching our local farmers to grow vegetables," Guingona shared during his recent visit to CAR.

It is in this spirit that he assured full support of projects that will uplift the Cordillerans' way of life and culture.

In a meeting with Ifugao Gov. Denis Habawel, the Senate Committee on Health and Demography Chairman learned about the province's long-standing struggle to have a tertiary hospital. The construction delay, which is going on for years, is due to defects and controversies and has left the residents settling for a district hospital with inadequate facilities.

"Let us continue the construction of Ifugao General Hospital (IGH), wala nang turu-turo (no more finger-pointing), let's make it happen because the people of Ifugao strongly deserve a functioning provincial hospital," Guingona stated.

The statesman also expressed his support to the development of the region's flourishing tourism and rich history, culture, and tradition, and acknowledged the existent proposal for establishing an airport in CARs.

"I think we all agree that time is of the essence for any traveler, and spending most of it on the road can be taxing instead of allowing for more time to appreciate the destination; It is time we all work on an existing yet incomplete master plan for tourism that will allow the whole world to enjoy the marvel of your place," the senator maintained.

Furthermore, Guingona disclosed his complete backing of CAR's unhurried steps toward autonomy. According to the senator, the region's people has to have a government that recognizes their unique rights, culture and history, and that is through federalism.

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