Press Release
December 14, 2011

Transcript of Interview with Sen. Franklin Drilon  

Q: Sir, anong reaction niyo sir sa speech ni Chief Justice Corona?

Sen. Franklin Drilon: I wish that the Chief Justice would be cool, will not lose his equilibrium and maintain the dignity of the office of the Chief Justice. There is a proper time to answer the charges and decision of the impeachment court. Ang hinihiling ko po kay Chief Justice eh maging mahinahon at be dignified in his responses. May pagkakataon po siya dito sa Senado upang sagutin ang lahat ng banat sa kaniya sa impeachment complaint. At siguro, ito ang proper forum.

Q: Sir, you mentioned about LP, were you somehow offended?

FMD: No, I was not offended. I take it as something that he has to express but I wish that it was in the impeachment court that all of these answers are made.

Q: Does this somehow worsen yung tension na nagsalita pa si CJ Corona in public?

FMD: Well, sa akin, kasama lahat yan but you know, the Chief Justice is in a position that calls for some dignified responses. Kami pong mga pulitiko, iba yung aming mga mandato. Iba yung aming mga posisyon bilang pulitiko and we have more leeway in so far as public statement is concerned. Unfortunately, that is not so in the case of the Chief Justice. So my advice is maybe there can be more circumspection in these public statements.

Q: Sir, yung creeping dictatorial ba wala kayong message?

FMD: Ay yun ang kalokohan.

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