Press Release
December 12, 2011


Senator Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan says that the Supreme Court has only itself to blame for so-called "destabilization" efforts against the judiciary.

The lawmaker makes this comment after Supreme Court spokesperson Midas Marquez was quoted as saying that "political forces are out to destabilize the Supreme Court by [fomenting] public distrust and resentment towards [it]."

Pangilinan asks, "Who recalled the FASAP ruling that was already final and executory? Who flip-flopped five times in the case involving the League of Cities and flip-flopped as well in the Dinagat case? Who issued a restraining order against the House of Representatives even if the justices had been unable to read the decision? Who absolved their own of plagiarism and threatened those who stood up against plagiarism?"

"The destabilization is self-inflicted," he continues. "Their highly questionable rulings have taken its toll on the image and reputation of the court. Even amongst their ranks, justices decry how the court has repeatedly violated its own rules. The destabilization is self-inflicted. The Supreme Court has only itself to blame, and if they think that we in the legislative branch will simply sit still and watch as they exercise judicial authority in a whimsical and arbitrary manner, then they are wrong."

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