Press Release
December 12, 2011

Transcript of interview of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

On the Impeachment of Chief Justice Renato Corona

Q: What do you think of the move to oust Chief Justice Corona?

SP: 'Yung present role namin is already adequate but the matter have to be reported out by the Committee on Justice.

Q: Sir, kung ma-transfer na ngayong gabi ang Articles of Impeachment?

SP: Titingnan namin bukas. Hindi naman kami magtatrabaho ng gabi.

Q: Hindi po iyon para hintayin niyo ngayong gabi? Wala pong word from the House na pakihintay?

SP: No. We must avoid any impression that there is a concordance with this thing. Wala 'yan. We are separate departments of government.

Q: Pero nagulat din po kayo, sir, na ganito kabilis 'yung aksyon sa Kamara?

SP: Nasa kanila 'yan. Under the Constitution, there are three ways where an impeachment could be done: through a verified complaint or a resolution filed by a member of the House, or by a citizen endorsed by a member of the House, or when 1/3 of the House already prepares a verified complaint, in which case, that becomes the Articles of Impeachment.

Q: Sir, kapag naiakyat na po rito ang Articles of Impeachment tomorrow, how soon can the Senate act on it?

SP: Wala na kaming panahon, sa akin, I don't know about my companions here. Sa Enero na 'yun, pagbalik namin.

Q: Dahil po mag-aadjourn na po kayo sa Wednesday?

SP: Oo, on Wednesday, under our legislative calendar.

Q: Imposible pong magkaroon ng Impeachment trial during the break?

SP: We cannot hold session outside of our calendar.

Q: Sir, paano po kung magpatawag ng special session ang Presidente para po kayo magkaroon ng Impeachment trial?

SP: I doubt it if the President will do that. I cannot assume that. Let's not deal with supposition.

Q: Pero sir, 'yung mga special session, kailan po ito ginagawa?

SP: Kung 'yung budget hindi naaprubahan, the President can call a special session. If a legislative proposal is so urgent, then the President can call a special session.

Q: Pero ang Impeachment, hindi po ito...

SP: Not that I know of.

Q: Sir, how are you going to prepare for this in terms of the logistics, the Rules?

SP: We already have a precedent here. This is not new to us. Remember, we tried Pres. Erap Estrada.

Q: Pero sir, paano ie-expect na magiging objective ang mga senators samantalang may mga humingi ng pag-iinhibit ni Chief Justice Corona, mayroon na rin pong nag-defend sa kanya?

SP: Alam mo, inhibition is personal. They can challenge your impartiality. It's up to your conscience if you think that you can handle the participation without prejudice and bias. That's addressed to the individual senators.

Q: Sir, kapag na-transmit na po siya at nakarating na sa Committee on Justice, ano pong pagdadaanan na proseso natin?

SP: Wala 'yun. Gagawa lang sila ng report to the Senate then we go to trial.

Q: Sir, sabi po ng ilang congressmen who signed the Impeachment complaint, there's no need for Committee proceeding, diretso na sa Plenary so long as they have the signatures...

SP: Sa kanila. They will file it here. Parang nagpunta ka sa Husgado, mag-file ka ng complaint.

Q: There was nothing unusual, sir, sa bilis ng ginagawa nila?

SP: Wala. They can bring it this afternoon or tomorrow morning. It's up to them.

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