Press Release
November 29, 2011

Cayetano to government: "Huwag magpasindak, huwag uurong,
at huwag magbabago ng posisyon na hanapin talaga ang hustisya"

Senate minority leader Alan Peter Cayetano reiterated his call to the Aquino government not to allow itself to be daunted by the Arroyos attempt to delay justice but continue its efforts to hold accountable those who perpetrated grave crimes against the Filipino people.

"Huwag magpasindak, huwag uurong, at huwag magbabago ng posisyon na hanapin talaga ang hustisya," he said.

Cayetano expressed his confidence in the strength of the cases filed against former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and that the Arroyo camp is merely trying to evade the wheels of justice from rolling yet again.

He urged the government to put a stop to the Arroyos' schemes of evading justice as he cited how past efforts to hold the Arroyos accountable failed because the former president's camp simply kept on questioning the technicalities of the process instead of facing the allegations filed against them. "In efforts to impeach them, they simply used government's resources and inherent powers to stop the process. During the House and Senate hearings, they did not attend and even prevented other resource persons from shedding light. In cases filed in Office of the Ombudsman, they always claimed immunity from suit," he said.

"Ngayon na kinakasuhan siya, ang proseso pa rin ang nilalabanan nila.Takbo nang takbo at tago nang tago imbes na sagutin nalang nang diretsuhan ang kaso," he added.

The minority leader also urged the government not only to go after the masterminds of the alleged cases of corruption and electoral sabotage but also prosecute the 'smaller fish' that were involved in the operation as well.

"Go after all those involved in these anomalies, not only the big fish. These layers of individuals responsible for corruption, electoral sabotage, and other crimes must be uncovered and made accountable for their acts. When we catch the smaller players, we can easily catch the bigger players," he added.

He pointed out that a lot is riding on the way this case is treated and eventually resolved stating that this will serve as the Aquino administration's "acid test" in pursuing its 'daang matuwid'.

"Do not stop or delay the pursuit for justice. May this be an example to end impunity and to reiterate that lying, cheating and stealing do not pay," he added.

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