Press Release
November 23, 2011

Transcript of Interview of JPE on the confirmation
of the Philippine Ambassador to China

SP: Pag-uusapan nga namin sa caucus.

Q: 'Yung general vision niya ng kanyang job as Ambassador to China...

SP: Well, siguro ayaw niya to be fair to him. He's going to be posted there. He's going to be very careful in making a statement that could exacerbate or affect his position there because he's going to be dealing with them. So, we have to exhaust the inquiry. Let Senator Osmeña finish his questioning and the others so that we can make a judgment.

Q: Pero, sir, 'yung mga previous questions parang Foreign Affairs 101 pero hindi siya makasagot...

SP: Pero alam mo, he's going to be posted there. Ang assessment ko, he doesn't want to make any statement that might be misinterpreted. You have to accept that.

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