Press Release
November 18, 2011

Sen. Guingona Pushed For Automatic Appropriation of Php20 Million Integrated Protected Areas Fund (IPAF) for Protected Area Projects

Upon the initiative of Sen. TG Guingona, the Php20 million Integrated Protected Fund sourced from the gate collection, use of facilities, and operation of protected areas shall be automatically appropriated for the use of the concerned local government units wherein these protected areas are located.

Based on a study, the release of these funds took a long time such that out of the 68 revenue-generating protected areas, only 12 had actually taken advantage of the funds that their own areas generated.

The Guingona amendment seeks to ensure that communities with protected areas can immediately benefit from their own hard work. A Php20 million fund shall be included in the national budget under a special provision in the budget of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. At the start of each year, the DENR shall prepare a financial plan for this Php 20 million fund to be submitted and approved by the Department of Budget and Management. Since there is already an appropriated Php20 million fund, the local government units, wherein the protected areas are located, can now easily obtain their 75% share to be used in their protected area projects.

This will simplify and expedite the funding of projects by the local government units pertaining to their respective protected areas.

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