Press Release
November 16, 2011

Transcript of Interview Sen. Franklin Drilon

On the TRO issued by the Supreme Court on the travel ban issued to GMA by DOJ

Drilon: Siguro the Supreme Court should resolve this issue as soon as possible, the legal issues must be resolved. The President, naturally, in pursuit of policies, would press the limits of his authority and in our tripartite system, it is the Supreme Court that finally decides the boundaries of the President's power. In the past, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo tested these powers regularly, like the issuance of the E.O. 464, that calibrated the response to CPR. These are the examples of how presidents would test their powers under the Constitution. It is the Supreme Court in our system that would validate the exercise of such authority in this Constitution.

Q: Sir, tama lang ba panindigan ni Secretary ang kanyang decision nya kahit na tangap nya copy ng TRO?

Drilon: Well, mayroon siya paniwala niya bilang abogado at karapatan niya panindigan and defend her action before the Supreme Court.

Q: Sir, hindi ba defiance na yun sa Supreme court?

Drilon: there is no such thing as a defiance if you file a motion for reconsideration.

Q: Pero, Sir, the motion of reconsideration cannot stop the TRO?

Drilon: Well, that is for the Supreme Court to determine.

Q: Sir, there are some senators who say that this create a Constitutional Crisis?

Drilon: I think that is over blowing the issue. I don't see any Constitutional Crisis.

Q: Considering, Sir, na tapos na ang preliminary investigation ng DOJ, any time pwede na kakasuhan, hindi ba?

Drilon: Well, in my book, De Lima should already resolve these cases and many constitutional boundaries will be cleared once the cases are resolved one way or the other.

Q: Sir, may karapatan ng sabihin si First Gentleman na cruelty ang ginagawa sa kanila or tyranny ang nararanasan nila under the Aquino administration.

Drilon: Hindi ba circular ito ni GMA? This was a circular of GMA because the circulars were issued by her alter-egos. At the end of the day, the Court will determine the legalities of all of these.

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