Press Release
November 14, 2011

Cayetano on the allegations of the Arroyos against the Aquino Gov't

'Huwag magpasindak sa mga Arroyos'

Hindi dapat magpasindak ang gobyerno sa mga pahayag ng mga Arroyo, sa mga kilos nila na pag-threaten nila ng disbarment kay Sec. De Lima, o sa pagpunta nila sa Supreme Court, dahil may malaking pagkaka-iba ang persecution sa prosecution.

There is nothing wrong with prosecution. This is the duty of the government. Let us focus on the real issue here: Did the Arroyos lie, cheat and steal? Was there a cover up of the anomalies done by the former president and his family? If these are proven true, then the government has the duty to prosecute and go after them. (Hindi bawal ang prosecution. Duty pa nga ito ng gobyerno. Kaya nga palaging ang pinag-uusapan ay kung mayroong "stealing, cheating, and lying" na nangyari. Ang issue ay kung nagnakaw ba, nandaya ba, nagsinungaling, o nag-cover-up ba ang dating pangulo at kaniyang pamilya sa ating bansa. At duty ng gobyerno na habulin sila.)

I reiterate my call for the government to also go after the 'small fishes' aside from going after former first gentleman Mike Arroyo and former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo because this becomes important in building a foolproof set of evidences that will strengthen the cases.

This can be done if all the agencies in government can collaborate and go after those among their ranks who served as instruments of the Arroyos. Examples are those involved in the Fertilizer Scam in the Department of Agriculture or those involved in the NBN-ZTE scam in DOTC. This now becomes the role of the Ombudsman, DOJ, and Comelec in order for the prosecution to go full-blast.

Ang mga depensa na ginawa ni GMA ay para ibahin ang issue. Uulitin ko, kailangan gawing accountable ang mga Arroyo sa mga ginawa nila. Muli, prosecution ito, hindi persecution.

We hope that DoJ, Comelec, the Ombudsman, and COA will collaborate with each other since all of these agencies have an obligation to fully look into the acts done during the Arroyo administration and if any anomalous deals are discovered, use these as evidence to strengthen the cases against them.

Ang persecution ay kung nag-iimbento lang ang gobyerno at hinahabol sila nang wala namang ginawang masama.

Instead of the government slowing down and arguing with the Arroyos, they should just make sure that the Arroyos are given due process while they go all out implementing the full force of the law. (Imbes na mag-slow down ang gobyerno o tignan ang mga angal ng mga Arroyo, as long as they are given due process, they should go all out and implement the full force of the law).

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