Press Release
November 9, 2011

Senator Chiz Escudero on the DOJ's refusal to allow former PGMA
to seek medical treatment abroad

The end does not justify the means. While I may tend to agree that there is a need to prevent the possible flight of former President Gloria Arroyo given the cases filed against her, and the highly questionable premise of her reasons for travel, the remedy is to petition the Courts to issue a hold departure order (HDO) and not to rely on an illegal and unconstitutional circular issued during PGMA's time. It just seems right and I for one would want to ensure that she is made to account for her sins against the people.

Only a hold departure order can prevent someone from leaving the country. To remedy the legal and constitutional entanglements of the DOJ circular against former PGMA, the justice department should by now file the appropriate cases against her and eventually ask for an HDO from the Courts. Had these cases been filed, we won't be debating about this particular issue now.

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