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November 6, 2011

Cayetano to Poll Fraud Probe Body: 'Make sure your case is airtight'

Senate minority leader Alan Peter Cayetano urged the joint Department of Justice (DOJ) - Commission on Elections (COMELEC) poll fraud probe committee to use their full powers to build an airtight case against those involved in electoral fraud.

"The joint probe committee should build a very good case and make sure that when they charge people, they have enough evidence to convict," he said.

While the senator expressed his satisfaction with the committee's moves in the ongoing investigations, he said he will remain skeptical until he sees all those responsible for poll fraud are finally charged.

He stressed that he'd rather see the joint committee take a longer time to gather evidence to ensure that government has a strong case against the perpetrators of past electoral fraud.

"What's one or two months more if the result is that we can charge the culprits with an iron-clad case? Let us make sure that we do not sacrifice content for speed," he said.

The minority leader also called on the committee to cast a 'wide net' to catch all the 'fish', both big and small, involved in the 2004 and 2007 electoral fraud.

"When we're going after very powerful former presidents, it's very important that we have a strong case. I hope that the DOJ and COMELEC don't sacrifice the quality of the evidence and the case by neglecting to go after the 'small fish' used by the 'big fish' to orchestrate the poll fraud," the senator added.

He pointed out that the investigation should also include COMELEC officials who were mentioned in connection to the poll fraud to ensure that all angles are covered.

"I'm hoping that the COMELEC chairman and his commissioners will act on this since the involvement of various COMELEC officials in the 2004 electoral fraud were already made very evident as early as the first Senate poll fraud hearing," he said.

Cayetano also assured the public that the parallel probe that the Senate is conducting would ensure that the investigation into the issue of electoral fraud is made comprehensive.

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