Press Release
November 5, 2011


I am asking the police to go much deeper in their investigation on the death of my late brother Ramgen Revilla and the frustrated murder of his girlfriend Janelle Manahan. I want them to determine who are involved and responsible for this dastardly act of murder. Ramgen is more that a brother to me as he was too close to us. He was like a son as he grew up along with my boys Bryan and Jolo.

The guilty must be punished! The unwarranted flight of Ramona Bautista is a sign of guilt that she has knowledge and direct participation in the commission of the crime. If there are others involved, be they my half brothers and sisters, they must bear the full force and weight of the law and suffer the penultimate consequences of their involvement either as principals, accomplices, or accessories, as the case maybe.

Likewise, I am also asking our police to investigate who are the people involved and facilitated Ramona Bautista's flight outside of the country, and determine their legal accountability, if any.

I will do everything within my power as a public servant that the rule of law must prevail, and justice must be served, regardless of whoever gets hurt.

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