Press Release
October 14, 2011

Statement on the appointment of Imus
Bishop Luis Antonio Tagle as Archbishop of Manila

As a Caviteño, I am proud that the Bishop of the Diocese of Imus, is the next Manila Archbishop. He has been serving the Diocese, which comprises my home province, for nine years. Cavite's Catholic community will surely miss him.

Traditionally, the archbishop of Manila has been among the most politically influential Catholic priests in the world. With his new position, Bishop Chito Tagle will definitely play a crucial role on various socio-political issues. As a theologian, he bears the spiritual wisdom to persuasively defend the views of the Catholic Church.

 Nakasalalay sa bagong Arsobispo at susunod na magiging Kardinal na si Bishop Tagle kung paano matagumpay na maisusulong ang mga adbokasiya ng Simbahang Katoliko.

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