Press Release
October 11, 2011

Transcrip of interview on the issue concerning Malacañang political affairs adviser Ronald Llamas in connection with firearms

I have a beef about that Llamas. Andami-dami niyang baril. There are two things involved here: a license for the firearm and a permit to carry. These are two different things. I would like to know what are the criteria of the PNP to license a firearm. What are the requirements? What kinds of firearms can be licensed, and what firearms cannot be licensed?

With respect to the permit to carry firearms, what are the requirements? Because no one is allowed to carry his firearm outside his residence unless he is able to present proof that he needs it. But even the permit to carry is allowed to a person, he is not allowed to carry certain firearms. Ngayon, bakit siya exempted? Ilan ang exempted ng PNP? At anong basehan nila? A permit to carry firearms is normally issued just one to an owner, and there is a list for firearms that cannot be carried outside the house. I know for a fact that long arms, gaya ng dala niya [Llamas], are not allowed because I was not allowed�it was at the height of the threats in the Bureau of Immigration, I applied for a long firearm, I was not allowed. Fine, I made do with a hand gun. Ngayon, sino itong mga mentalidad na ito na they're untouchable? They are now allowed exemptions. What is the use of rules if they are not followed? I want to know who are these exceptional people. Paimbestigahan ko yan sa Senado.

Reports say that Llamas carries guns because of the death threats he receives

What is the proof that there is a death threat? So I want to also investigate the PNP on what kind of field investigation they do when a person says "I have a threat to my life"? Does it depend on the status of a person? Does it depend on how close he is to the powers that be in Malacañang? Is that it? Is that the criterion? Achaka Adviser on Political Affairs siya. Bakit siya nangangailangan ng armas? Hindi naman siya anti-crime czar, hindi naman siya taga-imbestiga ng criminal syndicates. Why are we having double standards? I would like to know.

What offenses should he be facing?

Carrying unlicensed firearms is out of the question, but carrying firearms that he is not allowed to carry outside his home. Kaya ang gulo-gulo ng lipunan natin ngayon e, maski sino na lang pwedeng kumuha ng exemption basta may kilala ka sa PNP. You got to be ready to face things like a man. When I was immigration commissioner I left my guns at home because I cannot bring them in my person. Kung sabihin natin na if the security guard is at fault I am not at fault, then there is no more conception of leadership in this country. I hope a Senate investigation should be thorough in this process and make sure that when there are rules they are obeyed by everybody, influential or not.

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