Press Release
September 21, 2011

Transcript of Interview of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

On the turnover of declassified military records from 1972-1981 to the Commission on Human Rights

Q: Sir, 'yung Department of National Defense (DND) nag-turnover sa Commission on Human Rights (CHR) ng declassified military records from 1972-1981. Sinasabi ng CHR na baka ito raw po ang maging way para malaman 'yung katotohanan nung martial law. SP: Tama 'yun. Mabuti sa akin 'yun. Okay sa akin 'yun.

Q: Bakit, sir?

SP: Well, it's better for them to know what happened during martial law.

Q: Doon sa declassified information from the military, will we know incidences of torture, disappearances...

SP: Kaya nga, para malaman natin kung totoo 'yung mga sinasabing may mga torture.

Q: Sir, meron nga ba?

SP: Mayroon din. Inimbestigahan namin 'yung mga iba. Mayroong mga hindi lang during martial law, even before martial law. 'Yung massacre sa Negros Occidental na pinaimbestigahan ko.

On the ARMM sub-state

Q: Sir, the acceptance of the government panel on the MILF-GRP talks, you think a sub-state can be considered?

SP: No, it could not.

Q: Why not, sir?

SP: The Constitution will not allow it. That's why I asked them the degree of their optimism. I don't think it can be done under the present Constitution.

Q: Primarily because of the Constitution?

SP: Yes

Q: What about a Cha-Cha, can that cure...

SP: That will be the answer to it. That's the only way. That is the only solution to it, in fact.

Q: Sir, patuloy na nanganganak ang MILF. Maya-maya may another faction�

SP: Sabi nila that they are optimistic that they can finish the problem in six years.

Q: With all other factions?

SP: That's the way I understood it. They want to finish it during the term of the current administration.

Q: Senator Enrile, activists are calling yesterday for the passage of the substitute bill in relation to the indemnification of the martial law victims in the Philippines. What's your position on this?

SP: I'm open to it. I will study it well.

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