Press Release
September 12, 2011


Senator Edgardo J. Angara called for increased government assistance towards the development of the country's printing industry during his keynote message at the 15th National Printers Convention. Angara, head of the Senate Committee on Science and Technology, explained that this industry seems to be heading towards increased digital development.

"Right now, your fiercest competitors are not other printer, but rather the digital formats that have gradually introduced new technologies and processes. You must know the latest developments in software and equipment in order to keep up with increasing demands and efficiency," said Angara. Angara also highlighted the contribution of this industry towards the country's economy. "The printing industry is a significant sector of the Philippine economy. In an ordinary year, around 5 percent of the nation's GDP and about 12 percent of the total employment can be attributed directly or indirectly to this industry."

However, he echoed the lack of government support which the industry ea pointed out.

"Because our government is in deficit, we cannot give the needed boost to the printing companies in the Philippines. We can, perhaps, offer some sort of tax relief or some other policy that is favorable towards the development of this industry--better yet, we should provide the necessary training to produce skilled professionals," said Angara.

The veteran legislator promised to push for the inclusion and expansion of programs designed for the printing sector--a move, he said, that will be repaid a hundredfold through the improvement of educational material for the Filipino people.

He took note that only the Technological University of the Philippines offers a related course--the Graphic Arts and Printing Technologies under the College of Industrial Technology.

Angara promised to strengthen this program and help identify other regional universities that can offer similar programs to contribute toward human capital development through skills development and training.

"This industry is part of the rapidly evolving creative industries sector. You must take this opportunity to leap ahead and be a major player in the production of knowledge and wealth through technology and creativity," he said.

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