Press Release
September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11, Preparedness is Essential
Even in Man-Made Hazards--Legarda

Preparedness is always the key to survive a disaster--whether caused by natural or man-made hazard, Senator Loren Legarda today said.

As the world commemorates the terrorist attack in the United States, known as the 9/11 tragedy, Legarda said that being prepared and having an emergency evacuation plan is essential in such disasters as proven in the case of the largest tenant in the US World Trade Center during the attack.

The company Morgan Stanley Dean Whitter, which had 3,700 employees working in the World Trade Center, suffered only six casualties. The company invested in contingency planning and disaster preparedness drills for staff, which is why before the second plane hit the south tower, its offices were already largely empty.

"Investing in disaster preparedness is really a wise decision and it always pays off as proven in the experience of Morgan Stanley during the 9/11 tragedy," Legarda said.

"I urge our country's private business sector to follow the example of Morgan Stanley in ensuring that their business operations are disaster proof by investing in contingency planning and disaster preparedness training for employees," she stressed.

Legarda said that while the government is mandated to ensure the security and welfare of the state's citizens, it cannot do such a gargantuan task alone. When hazards strike, both the public and private sectors must ensure the public's safety.

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