Press Release
September 6, 2011

Transcript of Interview of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

On the National Broadband Project

Q: 'Yung sa National Broadband Project, dapat pa bang ituloy considering na...

SP: Oo basta mahusay ang pagkagawa ng kontrata. Kailangan natin 'yun. That is a very good project except that there were a lot of suspicions about it.

Q: So, pabor kayo na government ang magtatayo?

SP: Yes, it has to be with the government.

Q: Sir, with the telecommunications industry?

SP: No. The government can make its own circuit. And so, they can interconnect just like the relationship between Smart and Globe. You'll have three systems. Syempre, lalago ang gobyerno dahil everybody will be dealing with government.

On the RH Bill

Q: Sir, 'yung binanggit kahapon ni Majority Leader Sotto sa Floor, 'yung International Planned Parenthood Federation, apparently they give this local organization P25 million.

SP: They are interfering in our policies, in the evolvement of our policies. They want us to follow their will.

Q: Was this a lobby fund, sir? 'Yung P25 million?

SP: Yes. All of them. Maraming lobby funds diyan because John Rockefeller III was the one who put up the Population Council of the United States that's really funding all of these. It's the Rockefeller Foundation money plus the monies from other like-minded rich people of America. Why should we copy the wrong policies of western countries? Now, they are reversing themselves. It's a failure.

Q: Sir, there could be more than P25 million in lobby fund?

SP: Hindi lang siguro. Big money 'yan of both the American industries especially the pharmaceutical companies and European pharmaceutical companies and the strategic security and political consideration involved.

Q: Do you have names of these pharmaceutical companies?

SP: No, I don't want to name names. Those who are selling condoms and abortive materials, contraceptives, injectibles and intrauterine devices which they now want to make into essential medicine. Imagine, a condom, a medicine? Common sense will tell you it's not. Birth pill ba, a medicine? What are you curing?

Q: Sir, kahapon, sa pinaikot na manifesto nina Senator Miriam, about 14 senators na ang pumirma.

SP: Kahit na sampung manifesto ipapaikot nila, okay lang 'yun.

Q: Pero hindi po iyun indications na...

SP: Basahin ninyo 'yung manifesto, hindi ba sabi nila, para may mga pumirma, regardless of your vote.

Q: Pero sir, will it have any effect sa rules ng Senate na the majority...

SP: I will interpellate them again today. Marami akong itatanong.

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