Press Release
August 22, 2011

On RH bill, dengue cases: Priorities, priorities!

While Malacanang chose to adopt as priority measure the RH bill and as the Senate went to work on its own version, cases of dengue and its related deaths involving children began to pile up.

I believe that there should be fast and prompt approach to addressing this.

The RH bill, when passed, may provide cover to all women especially the mothers but we may lose the battle to save our children from dengue-inducing mosquito bites if this health issue is not addressed very soon.

Are we going to prioritize the giving out of condoms or should we look for the dengue antidote fast? Sometimes, the fate of a nation does not lie on a piece of legislation but on how its leaders set their priorities.

For example, should we prioritize raising the fares in MRT-LRT or we refurbish first the system by bringing in more modern coaches? Only after the excitement on riding a modern train system has subsided that we could talk about raising fares.

Pwede nating sabihin sa kanila, papagandahin namin muna ito tapos papayag ba kayong magtaas ng pamasahe?

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