Press Release
August 17, 2011

Transcript of Interview of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

On Congressman Antonino

SP: We have to explain to him because evidently he had not studied the promotional process of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. What I'm afraid of is that these officers will be tainted. This is not good.

Q: Tainted in what way?

SP: We are going to question their fitness and entitlement to promotion. There's a cloud on the promotional process and then it will put a cloud on the qualifications of the person promoted.

Q: Sir, nag-away nga ba 'yung dalawang congressmen? Sina Congressman Golez at Antonino?

SP: Wala ako rito. Dinatnan ko lang 'yung problema nila. Nagdedebate sila diyan.

Q: So, hindi po kayo namagitan kaya nagkaroon ng closed-door meeting?

SP: Wala. Sinabi nila may caucus kaya pumunta ako roon. Tapos na sila noon.

On Cong. Iggy Arroyo

Q: Sir, may power po ba ang Senate to compel Congressman Arroyo to attend the Senate hearing on Monday?

SP: Well, he claims to be the lessee. The evidence in the hands of the Senate is quite different. So, we will have to invite him to explain.

Q: Sir, what if he invokes 'yung inter-parliamentary courtesy?

SP: Well, I will leave it to the committee to dispose that. As President of the Senate, I will not make any pronouncement because I do not know the thinking of the committee members.

Q: But based sa mga previous hearings, sir, mayroon ba tayong power to compel?

SP: I will cross the bridge when I come to it.

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