Press Release
August 3, 2011

Transcript of interview of Senator Jinggoy Estrada with Ms. Twink Macaraig
ANC, "On The Scene"
On the resignation of Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri

Were you surprised by this announcement of Sen. Zubiri?

SJEE: Yes partly. I was deeply saddened by the sudden resignation of Sen Zubiri. Actually we were talking about it last week. I, together with Senators Revilla and Angara, and Sen. Zubiri. And he was contemplating on resigning. We succeeded in convincing him not to resign at that moment.

That was just week? You were involved in the decision-making process and that time you were able to convince him to stay put.

SJEE: Yes, because I thought we will have to let the Senate Electoral Tribunal resolve the issue first.

That was his stand previously. What do you think changed it, Senator?

SJEE: Well, I really do not know. That was his personal judgment. And I, as one of his colleagues, salute him for doing a heroic act and a supreme sacrifice for the Senate and for the country.

Senator, one last thing. We were speaking earlier with Atty. Koko Pimentel, and he still found fault with the resignation because according to him, Sen. Zubiri still refused to acknowledge that cheating took place. What is your take on this?

SJEE: I am not of person of authority to answer that question because I do not have any knowledge about the cheating which happened allegedly in Maguindanao because I was not a candidate during the 2007 elections.

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