Press Release
August 2, 2011

Transcript of Interview of Senator TG Guingona

STG: Ang relevance ditto na mayroon talagang testigo na si first gentleman talaga ang may-ari at ginagamit niya itong si Lion Air as front at nakikinabang sila doon sa nabayad.

Q: Ano ang magiging liability ni de Vera?

STG: Ayoko magsabi na may liability pa, that is up to the courts . I would rather say that there is enough cause for probable cause. There is enough evidence to determine probable cause.

Q: Subpoena mo ba sila to testify?

STG: Nasabi na. They are coming. We will invite them. The procedure is , we will invite them and then if they do not have a valid excuse then we will subpoena them.

Q: Is there enough evidence to prosecute the Arroyos?

STG: So far, there is a very strong probable cause for prosecution.

Q: Are you recommending?

STG: I will make my recommendations after , when I have my final committee report.

Q: Kailan po yon?

STG: After we finish the hearings.

Q: Could you identify some of those especially in the PNP

STG: I would not like to take muna those who shoukd be charged but most definitely the inspection and acceptance team, those who participated in the documents showing that they accepted something in second-hand and definitely there is a connection that Mr. Arroyo has to answer.

Q: Is there a paper trail?

STG: There is no paper trail. There is testimonial evidence. There is no paper trail because all the transactions were done in cash. Purely testimonial. And circumstantial also because of the flight log, that will be submitted , showing that they use the helicopters very frequently plus the testimony of the pilot who said that he did fly the Arroyo family .

Q: Would General Versoza be (inaudible) because of command responsibility?

STG: Most definitely. He has signed the documents so he has to answer.

Q: Testimonial evidence will be enough to charge Mikee Arroyo?

STG: Let's see in the next hearing. Thursday, August 11.

Q: Can he avoid invitation from the committee?

STG: No, he can't. If there is no valid excuse, he can't.

Q: Ano pa ang dapat niya iexplain ?

STG: Bakit siya nasangkot ditto? Bakit siya pala talaga ang may-ari ng helicopter? Bakit siya nagbabayad kay Mr. Arcie Po ng maintenance? Bakit siya nakinabang sa pagbenta ng helicopter sa PNP?

Q: What if kung lumipad siya sa ibang bansa?

STG: That will be a sign that he is hiding something . May imbestigasyon tapos lilipad ka? Kaduda-duda talaga iyon. That even adds more to the probability that he is guilty.

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