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July 7, 2011

Transcript of Interview of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

On JPE's assessment of PCSO GM Uriarte's testimony

SP Hindi ako naniniwala sa kanya. Kawawa 'yun, nagkabuhol-buhol siya. Alam mo, sa Saligang Batas natin, hindi pwedeng gagamitin 'yung pera na appropriated except for the purpose for which it was specifically appropriated. Dina-divert nila, paying blood money, calamity. That was earmarked for intelligence, pagkatapos gagamitin nila 'yun. Paano 'yun? If she is charged, she can go to jail.

Q Ano po ang magiging pananagutan ni Ginang Arroyo?

SP It depends, kung ano. Basta, humingi sila ng intelligence fund. Syempre, ang approving authority, 'yung Presidente. The President probably relied on their representation. There are a lot of things that has to be unearthed first before you can pin down the responsibility for the approving authority.

Q Should she be asked to testify?

SP No, we cannot ask her. She is a member of Congress.

Q Sir, do you think Uriarte did it single-handedly?

SP I don't know. We will start with her, she is the one who asked for it. She is the one who disbursed it. She is the one that created the project. Who else will answer for it? She is the only one.

Q Is GMA liable in any way?

SP I don't know. I cannot say yes or no.

On whether Lacson is criminally liable for allegedly using fake documents

SP I don't think so. If he did any faking, if that is true, that was done outside of the criminal jurisdiction on the Philippines.

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