Press Release
June 29, 2011

Statement of Sen. Ralph G. Recto on the 1st Year in Office
of the Aquino Government

Like a giddy married couple fresh from a sizzling honeymoon, the Aquino government now begins the more serious task of housekeeping like 'hanging out the wet laundry' to dry and 'paying the utility bills.'

For the President, the laundry list is comprised of problems long been soaking while the utility bills are the mounting expenditures requiring revenues.

But the Aquino administration continues to enjoy the wide support of the Filipino people as shown by the high approval ratings in major surveys, albeit showing some tolerable decline.

Not only the survey firms have taken notice but also respectable global credit rating agencies, prompting back-to-back upgrades from Moody's and Fitch.

Such international affirmation assures our businessmen that the policies of the government are in the right places, which should be paid back with increased investments and confidence.

Notwithstanding the inaugural missteps and distractions, the people clearly want to give this administration the 'benefit of the doubt' and allow it to build more from its gains in the past 12 months.

Some lessons were obviously learned during the past year.

It's good to be cautious in dispensing with the people's money but sometimes, one must be aggressive in spending in order to hit some goals.

The bride must spend for things needed at home. The groom would not want to go home to an empty table while the bride brags about their savings account.

No new taxes is okay, an affirmation of another lesson learned - We don't need new taxes to grow. We could do more with less.

In repudiating dirty contracts forged during the immediate past, I appeal for fairness and prudent discernment.

The groom need not return a brand new rice cooker as wedding gift just because the giver happens to be his bride's ex-flame.

As it wades into the second year, the Aquino government should be parsimonious in assigning blame to the past government and should find its own answers to problems.

The government must be able to address the anxieties of the working class which constantly yearns for stable job, decent salary, cheap consumer goods and lesser debt.

There should also be a sprouting of more enterprises requiring bigger workforce and in turn, realizing profits while paying the right taxes.

The second year is a 'make or break' deal for the President.

It is in the second year that the building blocks for a grand national take-off are strategically laid out.

The groom may miss the bride's erogenous zone during the first year but failure to hit the right spot on the second year is inexcusable.

Simply put, the Aquino government should start hitting the right numbers by the second year or it loses "immunity" from blame.

I must say though that it has been a challenging year for the President and I'm very much inclined to give him a grade of 88%.

Amid the bleak sky, there's now a sparkling glitter at the far end of the tunnel.

The 'moving forward', however, should be accelerated. Sabi nga nila, Ang Daang Matuwid ay Hindi Kailangang Mabagal.

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