Press Release
June 7, 2011

NGOs vital to Open Budget Process - Guingona

Senator TG Guingona recently called on the country's nongovernmental and civic organizations "to rally behind the proposed law that will enshrine the people's right to participate in the budget process".

Guingona filed Senate Bill No. 2186, entitled "People's Participation in Budget Deliberations Act of 2010". The bill seeks to institutionalize the active participation of the people's organizations in the budget process.

Guingona said such active participation "gives life to the meaning of transparency in the allocation and use of public funds".

He said the proposed law will make it mandatory for government agencies to ensure that NGOs, civic groups and other people's organizations are involved in the budget preparation process.

"This active participation also underscores that the financial resources that become part of national budget actually belong to the people," Guingona added.

"This also ensures that public funds are wisely spent and are used for projects and programs that are relevant to people's needs," he explained.

It will be recalled that while a member of the House of Representatives, Guingona also authored House Resolution 120 which enabled non-government organizations and people's organizations to participate in the budget deliberations of Congress.

Guingona also said pointed out that "the Constitution requires people's participation in these processes".

Our simple duty is to ensure that the same right is enshrined in our laws," he added.

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