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June 7, 2011


Senator Edgardo J. Angara is determined to look into the system and quality of post-school remedial education - or review centers - in the country following today's public hearing.

The Committee on Education and Arts and Culture, which Angara chairs, discussed House Bill No. 3546 which seeks to protect the rights of students to enroll in review centers of their choice.

The Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) said there are no rules restricting students' choice on review centers. However, participants in the hearing said that some schools have tie-ups with certain review centers that bind their students through compulsory payment bundled with school fees.

Angara said the need for remedial education is a reflection of the failings of our higher education system. But since many students consider review centers necessary, these should be monitored.

"No one is looking over the shoulders of this growing industry. Someone has to check the fees they charge, the quality of their review program and how they conduct classes," Angara explained.

Angara noted that the average passing rate in licensure exams across professions is only 50 percent. Review centers can help improve this rate through quality remedial courses.

"We should find ways to help the other 50 percent of examinees obtain accreditation. Otherwise, this is a huge wastage of investment in time, effort and money of both parents and students," he said.

Over the long term, however, Angara said that the system of higher education must be rationalized along with the system of remedial education to ensure that these ultimately help students obtain viable employment.

"When it comes to choosing courses to take in college, students and their parents just base their decision on market needs. There has to be a more systematic and scientific way of providing career and employment guidance," Angara said.

Angara tasked stakeholders present at the hearing to conduct studies and prepare technical reports in preparation for the public hearing solely on review centers that his committee will call after the session resumes in July.

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