Press Release
June 1, 2011

Transcript of Interview of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

On the ARMM interpellations

Q Ano po ang expected sa ARMM interpellations mamaya?

SP Tatalakayin namin, pag-uusapan namin yan, the pros and cons, and then pagbobotohan. Kung enough votes, then it will be postponed. If not enough votes, then, ganun yan.

Q Matatapos po kaya kayo sa debates today?

SP Hopefully today matatapos, Monday magbobotohan. This is something urgent, wala nang panahon. We are going on a Sine Die. Hindi pwede yung ididribble-dribble, hindi basketball ito.

Q Magkakaroon po ng Bicam?

SP Depende sa sponsor, sa author ng Bill. Kung walang diperensiya yung dalawang Bill, kung identical, wala ng Bicam.

Q Kung magkaka-Bicam, matatagalan?

SP Oo. Kailangan doon, identical yung version.

On DOTC Secretary's resignation

SP I do not know, but Ping is a good Cabinet member. I consider him as one of the best appointed members of the Cabinet of this administration. Personally, I feel sad that he resigned. If indeed he resigned. I think he would be a great loss to the administration and to the country. I do not know the reason why he resigned, because it is possible that it could be his health, or some other reason, I do not know.

Q Possible po ba na may problema sa loob?

SP Hindi ko alam. Let us not talk about possibilities. Alam mo yang mga speculation na ganyan, nakakapabigat sa bayan yan. You express a speculative kuro-kuro, it might not be the correct fact.

Q Si Virginia Torres po sa LTO, possible replacement daw?

SP I do not know her. In fact, you are telling me for the first time.

Q Yun po yung kaibigan daw ni Presidente tapos nainvolve doon sa controversy sa LTO?

SP I do not know. I do not know the reason why Ping resigned. All I can say is that he is really a loss, not only to the administration, but also to the country. I have not heard of anything that can be said, or that would be said, or was said, or will be said about him.

Q Pero sir for an administration this young, na may nagreresign, may nasisibak?

SP That is not strange. We had the same thing during the time of Marcos. There are reasons for it, but kung magkasakit yung tao? O kaya pagod na at ang burden of the office is so much and everyone knows he is no longer young, I don't know. All I can say is he is a loss, period. He is a loss not only to the administration, but to the country, and I hope that whatever reason for him to resign, he will be able to have a new thing to do.

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