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May 27, 2011

Villar wants 6-hour work day for teachers

Sen. Manny Villar proposed to reduce the working hours of all public school teachers to a six-hour workday or a total of a 30-hour workweek.

"Teachers clamor for higher pay but shorter working hours. Their work schedule leaves them stressed out and exhausted. Reducing their number of working hours will allow them to have more time to innovate and enhance classroom teaching and result to a more productive workforce," Villar said.

Villar filed Senate Bill No. 2454 providing a 6-hour workday for public school teachers and exempting them from compliance with the 8-hour workday.

The bill repeals Sections 13 and 14 of Republic Act No. 4670 or the Magna Carta of Public School Teachers. The Department of Education issued Memorandum 291 s. 2008 allowing teachers to allot six hours for actual classroom teaching a day, with the remaining two hours to be spent in teaching-related activities. Thus, teachers are required to render a total of eight hours a day.

"A shorter work day would be a great relief for the teachers. We are also proposing that any work performed in excess of six hours a day shall be paid an additional compensation of at least 25 percent of their regular remuneration," he said.

The bill seeks to exempt teachers from the generally established rule on 8-hour workday under the Civil Service Rules. Book V of the Administrative Code of 1987 also states that: "Officers and employees of all deparments and agencies except those covered by special laws shall render not less than eight hours of work a day for five days a week or a total of 40 hours a week, exclusive of time for lunch."

The proposed bill provides that co-curricula, out-of-school activities and other activities of any teacher outside of their normal duties shall be paid an additional compensation of at least 25 percent of his/her regular remuneration after the teacher has completed at least six hours of work.

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