Press Release
May 25, 2011


Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago filed 882 bills and resolutions, topping all other senators for this year's session, according to the Senate bills and index division.

"Although I was absent for several months because of hypothyroidism, I tried hard to be diligent. Plus, I have a great staff," she said in an interview with UNTV last Tuesday.

Santiago said she "worked my ass off" in filing bills, because she wants to send the message that the main task of the Senate is legislation and not criminal investigation.

"A public hearing on a controversial issue generates a lot of publicity, but usually the result is merely a recommendation to the Ombudsman. By contrast, internet research is very quiet and solitary, but one bill could make a difference in the lives of people," she said.

Santiago said that the recent proposal to file a "pay-to-stay" program in jail seems to have been misinterpreted by certain critics.

"The country needs nationwide penal reform. As usual there is no money. The 'pay-to-stay' program forces rich prisoners to pay the money which will be used to improve the detention facilities of poor prisoners," she said.

She said that her proposal will merely "manage the bribery that is widespread today in national penitentiaries and city jails."

"In jail, if you are rich, you can live like a maharajah. By contrast, if you are poor, you live like a sewer rat. So we must adopt the Robinhood concept - making the rich pay for the poor," she said.

“During this 15th Congress, the listing of senators in the order of the number of bills and resolutions filed is as follows: Defensor Santiago, 882; Estrada, 581; Villar, 539; Trillanes, 304; Lapid, 239; Escudero, 154; Revilla, 150; Legarda, 198; Angara, 117; Zubiri, 90; Recto, 88; Cayetano Pia 74; Sotto, 45; Drilon, 45; Pangilinan, 43; Enrile, 40; Guingona, 40; Marcos, 39; Honasan, 34; Osmeña, 33; Lacson, 31; Cayetano Allan, 20; and Arroyo, 17.”

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