Press Release
May 19, 2011


Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile today welcomed members of Indonesia's House of Regional Representatives, led by Senator and H. Dani Anwar, who were in town to study the country's Barangay system and do a comparative study tour of some of the country's urban and rural barangays.

The delegation, comprised of eleven (11) members of the House of Regional Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia paid their respects to Enrile who, in turn, reiterated his support for the Indonesian government and its people.

"Being our closest neighbor, it is my hope that our relationship with Indonesia will be stronger and fruitful," Enrile said.

Enrile, who showed his deep appreciation for Indonesia's role in helping curb terrorism in the country, also extended an invitation for the delegates to visit the Senate anytime there is a need for them to consult the Senators on legislative matters, especially on laws governing the Barangay system.

The Indonesian delegation includes Mrs. Hj. Sri Kadarwati Aswin, Mr. H. Said Akhmad Fawzi Bachsin, S. Hi., Mr. Drs. H.A. Hafidh Asrom, MM., Mr. Jacob Jack Ospara, St. Th., M.Th, Mr. Luther Kombong, Mrs. Hj. Aida Z. Nasution Ismeth, Se., MM and Mr. H. Sudarto, SH, Mr. Elnino M. Hussein Mohi, St., M. Si., Ms. Hj. Mulyana Isham, Sh., MM. and Mr. Drs H. Mudaffar Sjah. They were accompanied by Indonesian Committee 1 Secretariat, Mr. Indra Hardiansyah and Mr. Ketut Puji Rahmanto, and Mr. Andhika Bambang Supeno, Minister Counsellor for Political Affairs of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia.

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