Press Release
May 18, 2011


Senator Edgardo J. Angara reiterated the need to strengthen the country's political party system, saying that we need to eliminate political turncoatism and tighten the rules on the eligibility of the candidates.

"Changing sides or affiliations is a part of the world of politics. However, this does not mean that we would not want to change it," he said in an interview following yesterday's committee hearing to discuss the Political Party bills filed in the Senate.

Senate Bill No. 51, "An Act Strengthening the Political Party System, Appropriating Funds Therefor, and for Other Purposes". Also known as the Political Party Development Act, this bill seeks to revamp the existing political factions in the Philippines, orienting them towards their stands on different issues and platforms as opposed to the candidate's personalities.

According to Angara, this movement is gradually gaining support from the public, as well as those already within the world of Philippine politics.

"The amount of support that we are seeing to enact this measure signifies that perhaps it is time to overhaul our political party system in the Philippines," he said.

Angara urged his fellow legislators and the current administration to prioritize this bill since elections are fast approaching.

Other political initiatives are important, yes but not quite as substantive, as structural as the reforms we are proposing for the political parties. President Noynoy is in a unique position to advance this measure as he is known for being steadfast in his decisions," he said.

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