Press Release
May 11, 2011

Transcript of Interview of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

On the GOCC Governance Act provision termination the terms of office of certain officials by June 30.

SP We will have to look into that, because there are special laws like the freeports, you will paralyze these agencies if you are going to remove all of them, because it will take some time before you can do a replacement.

Q Meron naman po provisions for hold-over positions, which means they will have to be reappointed?

SP I will have to look into that. I did not know that they are going to do that.

Q Final version na po yung inapprove ng Bicam?

SP Because it will affect one of my projects in Cagayan, the Cagayan Economic Zone. I do not know whether you can consider that as a government owned-and controlled-corporation. That's an authority, the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority. It is operating as an economic zone and the problems of the zone cannot wait for anybody.

On the RH Bill

SP I do not know whether we can tackle it here. Marami rin akong tatanungin doon. I do not know whether they have enough numbers to pass it. I already said that I am against it. I cannot support it.

On the postponement of the ARMM elections

SP I am waiting for Senator Marcos, whether he will come. He has to submit a committee report. He promised to submit a committee report. I am in favor of synchronization of elections.

Q Including the appointment of OICs?

SP I do not know about the appointment of OICs. If there are no incumbents, you can appoint OICs. I studied the problem and in all cases where there was postponement of election in the ARMM, the incumbents were extended. They were given holdover privileges. There was a time when the governor of the ARMM was appointed as acting governor.

Q Sen. Escudero is suggesting that Malacañang first name the potential OIC appointees who will replace the incumbent ARMM officials?

SP I have studied all the amendments to the ARMM Organic Act from the beginning, I think there are four Republic Acts involved. RA 9333 is the last one. The Organic Act was amended to postpone the election. In these postponements, the incumbents were allowed to holdover. In the case of the governor of the ARMM, this was I think 1998 all the way to 2002, that was the term of Misuari. When Misuari was arrested and confined, the president then appointed an OIC.

Q In this case, the President can only appoint OICs if there are no incumbents?

SP That is the precedent. The President appointed an OIC even though there was an incumbent in the person of Nur Misuari. He was appointed because Misuari was arrested. Pinag-aralan ko yun. Yung postponement, there is no question it can be postponed.

Q Nag head count na po kayo?

SP Wala pa pero may boto yung postponement dito. As far as I know, there are numbers who are in favor. Ako, siguro we will see. I am in favor of synchronization. I mentioned that to everybody. I don't hide my position on things, on pending legislation. That is my responsibility to the people.

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