Press Release
May 10, 2011

Ambush interview before session with SP Enrile

On pushing the scheduled ARMM elections

I asked Senator Marcos to report out whatever version he wants as chairman of the Committee. If there is enough support for his version, then we can tackle it on the floor so that we can sponsor it.

Comments on why the President talked only to LP personalities as regards ARMM eelctions

Siguro, kinausap niya 'yung mga kapartido nila dahil hindi naman pwedeng tawagin niya 'yung iba. Siguro, the President wanted to find out from his party-mates the temper if election is held.

On Sandiganbayan's acquittal of the plea bargain case against General Garcia

I think they have no choice except to do that. They have already arraigned General Garcia based on that plea bargain where they had agreed to be charged with a lesser offense. I read in some portions of the accounts in the newspaper that the lady Justice who wrote the decision precisely saw the same thing that I saw during the investigation. The information that was filed was difficult to prove. That is why I called the attention of the people who were opposing the plea bargain that the information used a predicate crime that was very difficult to prove, although former Ombudsman Marcelo said that "we chose that because the wife of General Garcia had written a letter to the Custom's Authority of the United States admitting to the fact that the money that they had was received from the suppliers of the National Defense. That's true. But you need to present her in the court to testify against her husband. And that is prohibited by the Rules of Evidence for a spouse to testify against the other spouse. They said that there is an exemption, but we disagreed with it.

On whether there is still a legal remedy against General Garcia's case

No more. Jeopardy na 'yun. You cannot judge him twice for the same offense. But he's going to be jailed for a lesser offense, not plunder. Wala na 'yung mga recommendations na mag- resign 'yung mga prosecutors na nag- enter sa plea bargain. Wala na 'yun, mga anti- climax na lang 'yan. I will not blame anybody. But I'm just stating the facts based on my knowledge on the documents that I saw. Matagal na ako sa trabaho na 'yan. I've been in the courtroom for 12 years.

On the fact that the government lost more than half of the money to be recovered by agreeing to the plea bargain

Siguro 'yun ang pinag- uusapan nila. Hatiin na lang natin at ako ay papasok sa kulungan dahil doon kalahati. Kaya nga anti- graft na ang kinaso sa kanya, hindi na plunder. Kaya libre na talaga sa plunder case si General Garcia. They cannot go the Supreme Court for an appeal. The Supreme Court will tell that " you read the Bill of Rights". You cannot judge a person twice for the same offense. For me, it's useless also to file a Motion for Reconsideration at the Sandiganbayan. I think the three Justices will not reverse their decision. Parang hind nila pinag- aralan ang kaso nila pag gagawin nila 'yun. I believe that they studied their case very well.

On Blue Ribbon Committee's recommendation to charge the Special Prosecutors who entered the plea bargain

They will have a defense now. And the defense is the decision of the Sandiganbayan. They were sustained by the Sandiganbayan.

Comments on the additional Php 22.00 for the employees cost of living allowance (COLA)

Hindi ko alam kung ano ang economic basis nila. I assume that they are correct. Mahirap 'yung legislated wage dahil iba- iba ang cost of living in different areas of the country.

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