Press Release
May 9, 2011


Senator Edgardo J. Angara said that the damage caused by tropical storm 'Bebeng', which hit Luzon and the Visayas region, is another reminder for the government to invest in the development of the Philippine Disaster Science and Management Center (DSMC) which will be the center for research and training on disaster preparedness in the country.

The DSMC is ready to assist in preparing the nation for the dealing with disasters like the common storms that hit the country or the devastating earthquake that recently hit Japan.

Angara, Chair of the Congressional Commission on Science Technology and Engineering (COMSTE), said that the DSMC was conceptualized with the goal of assisting the country be better prepared to plan for and manage disasters.

The center, which recently held a series of lectures from distinguished local and foreign scientists and experts that introduced the effects of climate change in the local setting, is a collaboration between the government and the private sector.

Japan, Korea and Taiwan have all willingly exchanged information with local experts, sharing their knowledge and data, said Angara. He noted that the three countries have all experienced natural disasters and have implemented measures based on Science and Technology to better prepare their citizens for disasters.

The Hyogo prefecture, has a Disaster Reduction Learning Center, which recently hosted the training of local scientists and engineers from PAGASA and other institutes. The lessons learned from their experiences will be incorporated locally.

"We need the DSMC to help us prepare for the earthquakes and similar disasters that will continue to threaten the country. The government needs to be able to understand how to develop an advanced and real-time information dissemination strategy so people can better prepare to handle such events," noted Angara.

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