Press Release
May 6, 2011


Senator Edgardo J. Angara expressed the need for an anti-fire safety campaign throughout the Philippines, as incidents of fire breakouts are growing more frequent, with more casualties and property damage.

Just today, a fire razed a residential area in Valenzuela, with no one hurt but causing great damage to property. Earlier this week, two separate fires in NCR also hit the news--one in Paranaque, where more than 40 families lost their home and another fire in Manila which claimed the life of a child.

"We should take pains to avoid this kind of tragedy in the future--and the first way to do that is by being informed. For example, families as a whole should be taught about common fire hazards in the house, and should prepare a fire escape plan especially if they live in a fire-prone area," he urged.

According to Angara, we must be especially careful in the blistering summer months, when most of the year's fire incidents occur.

"We must be more vigilant and more aware during the summer, because fire breakouts seem to be triggered much more easily because of the heat," he reasoned.

Angara had earlier called on the government to provide the needed facilities and equipment for firefighters in Metro Manila, where most of the most destructive blazes occur. 87 more fire stations are needed to augment the existing 127 throughout the region, according to the Bureau of Fire Protection.

To aid the advancement of our country's safety officials, Angara had filed Senate Bill No. 2618 or the Philippine Public Safety College System Act of 2010 which seeks to provide an improved training institution for our public servants tasked with enforcing the law and maintaining the safety of the people.

Through this college, uniformed bureaus such as the police force, firefighters and jail management personnel will be able to undergo continuing education and development.

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