Press Release
May 5, 2011


Senator Edgardo J. Angara, Chair of the Congressional Commission on Science and Technology and Engineering (COMSTE), urged the government to study the extensive use of electric, hybrid and other alternatives for the private sector as well as public transportation, instead of relying only on gas and diesel Internal Combustion (IC) engines.

Angara says that COMSTE is aggressively pursuing the development of a local electric vehicle industry, which would create new 'green' jobs and allow local engineers and manufacturers to have access to the growing e vehicle market in Asia.

Pike Research conducted a study on e vehicles and stated that China and Japan would continue to have a strong demand for the vehicles, while other Asian countries are following suit. Various national level programs and initiatives are projected to boost demand to 1.4 million e vehicle units in the next five years.

COMSTE, which is partnered with the Electric Vehicle Alliance of the Philippines (EVAP), is working to create a level of standards for the young industry. Both are also pushing for more incentives for consumers to shift to e vehicles.

Angara said that when coming up with the additional incentives, the whole Green Transport spectrum should be considered and not just limited to hybrid and electric vehicles. Fuel cell, Flex-fuel, biofuel, solar, wind, and other types of alternative transport technologies should be included.

Angara noted that COMSTE and its partners are ready to prepare a Green Vehicle Incentive Program concept, which may spark the inception of a Green Growth Transport bill.

The Green Transport initiative and Electric Vehicle program, was conceptualized by COMSTE under the Renewable Energy Research and Development Institute (RERDI) and will be implemented in cooperation with the DOST and the National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP). The project will promote the development of new technology that can produce more efficient, low cost batteries and new electric vehicle design initiatives.

The COMSTE model for Green Transport includes the use of renewable energy sources such as biofuels, like algae, which will in turn be used to charge the batteries of electric and hybrid vehicles, creating a sustainable, low- emission, green transportation system.

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