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April 24, 2011


Senator Ramon Bong Revilla Jr. today dared employers to agree to a P125 daily across-the-board wage increase or be obliged to double the payment of benefits of their personnel.

This was the challenge of the senator as he filed Senate Bill No. 1981that would provide a P125 daily across-the-board increase in the salary rates of employees and workers in the private sector.

In pushing for a legislated wage hike, Bong Revilla pointed out that it is the policy of the Senate to alleviate the living conditions of ordinary Filipinos, including the working class, by ensuring the right of labor in the fruits of production. "Prices of basic commodities and services are jacking up. Our government must show that it is living up to it is promises, and not merely saying words that are nice to hear without actually backing them up with action."

He said the government must recognize the importance of the labor force in the national economy and in return, must see to it that they are receiving proper compensation from their decent work. "We must guarantee the workers' right to a living salary and promote social justice through the adoption of measures calculated to ascertain the well-being and economic security of all the members of the community," the lawmaker said.

The senator stressed it is an opportune time to have a legislated measure to address the mounting call of ordinary workers for a wage increase considering the escalation of prices of goods and services. "Our citizens, especially the common laborers, must be aided from the impact of inflation. Waiting for the half-year before resolving the issue of wage increase would mean negligence on the part of the government," he added.

Under SB1981, all employers in the private sector, whether agricultural or non-agricultural, and regardless of capitalization and number of employees, shall pay their workers P125 daily across-the-board wage increase. The increase shall be paid in the following manner: Forty-five pesos a day upon the effectivity of the measure; an additional forty pesos a day a year thereafter; and the remaining amount on the third year.

Defying employers shall be ordered to pay an amount equivalent to double the unpaid benefits owing to their employees. The payment of indemnity shall not absolve the employer from criminal liability which includes a fine from twenty-five thousand pesos to one hundred thousand pesos and imprisonment from two to four years. "I believe a gradual P125 daily wage increase is a win-win solution. The economy will further suffer if there a will be a mass lay-off and company closure due to an outright salary augmentation. All we have to do is to compel the employers to comply so we are imposing heavier penalties on the violators," Bong Revilla added.

Workers are pressing for a legislated P125 wage increase as a relief to the consecutive oil price increases and rising cost of products and services. The last wage adjustment granted by the regional wage boards was in July last year, ranging from P5 to P22. According to non-government research group IBON Foundation, the economy actually has more than enough profits to support workers' call for a P125 wage increase.

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